Board / Staff / Volunteers

Volunteer Board:

Tammy Milbury, Chairperson 2015-16
Joanne Mirsky-Wexler, Treasurer 2012-16
Kayla Layes, Secretary, 2014-16
Katie Roebothan, Member at Large, 2016



Ann Denny – Founder/Executive Director
Ryan Veltmeyer – Founder/Executive Director


The following volunteers have given their time and expertise, helping YAC to flourish in our first year:

Valerie Payn
Toni Mancini
Dominique Jean
Emily DeRosenroll
Leah Skerry
Julia Rivard
Andrew Button
Mike Kennedy
Jessie Jollimore
Meegan Dowe
Lisa Scrivner
Grace Stratton
Sam Kent
Vanessa Ajuonuma
Alexandra Archibald
Charles Verge

Art Builds Futures