Savvy Simon


Savvy Simon is a fashion designer, warrior, motivational speaker and giver of free hugs.

Savvy runs The Red Road Project was founded in March 2012 at a Mi’kmaw Youth Symposium with a mission to create a youth group who work to improve the lifestyle choices of their peers on the reserve.

The project’s coordinator, Savvy Simon, lights up the minute she is asked to describe her work and the youth she inspires every day. For Simon, a lot of the program has to do with re-connecting with early teachings about history, ancestry and culture.

“The Red Road Project stemmed from the First Nations teaching that tells you to be on the right path in harmony with the Creator and so living a positive lifestyle and veering away from alcohol and drugs,” she says.

Savvy is helping YAC with coaching ArtPreneurs in their self-presentation skills. YAC would also like to collaborate with her on creating a MigMaw style restaurant and store in HRM.



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