ArtPreneurs has launched in rural Nova Scotia!

South Shore | Clare |  Cape Breton

In March YAC recruited groups of aspiring creative entrepreneurs across Nova Scotia to become ArtPreneurs. Working out of Bridgewater, Clare and Sydney young visual artists, performers, film makers, writers and app developers have been starting or growing creative businesses and careers. Excited to be answering the Ray Ivany Commission’s call for an increase in youth entrepreneurism from diverse backgrounds, the ArtPreneurs will unveil their business ideas and products at ArtCeleration events in all three communities in May 2015. All Nova Scotians are warmly invited to celebrate the vision and efforts of young leaders in our creative economy, and to buy their products and services.

ArtCeleration CAPE BRETON: click here

ArtCeleration SOUTH SHORE: click here

ArtCeleration CLARE: click here

ArtPreneurs were selected based on the following criteria:

1. Level of artistic skill: Participants with a high degree of talent or skill(as judged by program leaders and youth artist jury)

2. Entrepreneurial Attitude: Participants who demonstrate creative thinking, enthusiasm, adaptability, determination

3. Story: All young creative people could benefit from the ArtPreneur program. We will prioritize young people with barriers to connecting talents to their business or career. Examples of this are: lack of finances, lack of business knowledge, transportation challenges, cultural barriers to engaging in mainstream activities, mental/physical health challenges, live in under resourced community.

4. Diversity: Diversity is a pillar of the program. Effort will be made to select participants from a variety of cultural, gender, artistic, age and other backgrounds

ArtPreneurs have met regularly throughout March and April and received:

– connections to professional artist mentors
– the basics of business as it relates to the arts
– a network of other ArtPreneurs across Nova Scotia
– financial investment towards the ‘next step’ in their business idea
– opportunities to pitch and sell their creative services or products at a high profile ‘ArtCeleration’ event near their community

For more information on current, past or future ArtPreneur activities, please contact program lead and Co-executive Director: Ryan Veltmeyer at 902-579-4673 or


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