YAC Tour -Day 5: Conference Conclusion

The final day of the Michaëlle Jean Foundation Power of the Arts National Forum draws to a close and team YAC is as fired up on creativity as ever! At the conference sessions, dinner networking meetings, and every moment in between, YAC was constantly incubating new ambitious ideas, and someone was always saying “Who’s writing these ideas down??”. Along the road, at the hotel, and every spare moment YAC was in ardent discussion amongst themselves about ways to make the power of the arts a potent reality in Halifax, Atlantic Canada, nationally, and internationally.

Each Artpreneur had something to offer and exciting ideas of collaboration continued to surface. YAC plans to prepare an artistic piece to bring to next year’s conference as well as collaborating with each other throughout the year in various music, dance and craft projects. In addition to significant relationship establishment within the group, valuable connections were made at the conference that pose several potential collaboration projects in YAC’s future.


YAC with Lee Park before returning to Halifax

The last day of the forum included several interactive performances and thematic dialogue sessions around the leitmotif of cultural activation. In large discussion groups the conference attendees representing themselves or their organizations exchanged ideas and developed strategies to encourage social change across disciplines by leveraging political, economic, and cultural levels of society. YAC contributed their ideas to some of the sessions in capacity building, research, policy, advocacy, public mobilization and awareness-building campaigns, funding cultural and social enterprises, and ethics and culture.

The stimulating environment of people passionate about arts cultivated fertile atmosphere to advance different concepts and rolled into a force of momentum for the participants to move forward into their various spheres of influence.

After speeches concluded the ceremonies, YAC left Ottawa in good spirits, gave final cheers with a celebration in Montreal, and began the long drive back to Halifax. A drive that of course comprised several long and conducive conversations on the power of the arts and YAC’s role in bringing what they’ve learned into fruition!

Infused with inspiration from the brilliant people and concepts introduced along the whole trip, YAC looks forward to great things ahead, using the power of the arts to Make Art, Make Money, Make Change!

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